UK Trade Mark Registration & Representation

Looking to protect your business from trade mark infringement in the UK? If you register your trade mark with we’ll act as your trade mark representative in the UK and ensure your trade mark is registered and protected against any unauthorised third party use which could damage your reputation and potentially result in loss of profits.

What’s the benefit of registering a UK trade mark?

Whenever possible, it is best to register a trade mark. A registered trade mark grants the trade mark owner exclusive rights to the trade mark throughout the United Kingdom. A registered trade mark is protected from the filing date of the application and it can last indefinitely if it is renewed every 10 years. This way your investment in product development will be protected and potentially lead to license revenue and, most importantly, your reputation will be protected. As well as a thorough search of the UK Trade Marks Register which costs £96, we can also offer advice on whether the proposed trade mark is distinctive enough for registration purposes. The combined clearance searches and advice on the inherent distinctiveness of the proposed trade mark costs £150. Once it has been established that your proposed trade mark is available for use, we can then apply to register the trade mark at the UK Trade Marks Office (UKIPO). Our trade mark agents will represent you through the whole of the registration process including offering advice and responding to any objections or refusals raised by the examiner at the UKIPO. The registration process for a UK trade mark application usually takes approximately 4 months but this could increase as a result of any objections raised by the examiner or by third party opposition. The cost to file a UK trade mark in one classification costs £425, each additional class costs £120.

Do we run UK trade mark searches?

If you decide to apply to register a trade mark then we strongly recommend that a thorough search of the UK Trade Marks Register is carried out prior to filing the application to ensure that there are no potential infringement issues with any other earlier filed trade marks. We use specialised software to perform our searches which will identify any existing trade marks that could be confused with your proposed trade mark either aurally, visually or conceptually.

Why should you run a trade mark search?

Carrying out a thorough search of the register is extremely important to ensure that your use of the proposed trade mark will not infringe an existing registered trade mark. The searches will also reveal any existing trade marks whose owner could challenge the registration of your proposed trade mark. We have over 35 years experience with conducting trade mark clearance searches and we will set out our findings clearly and accurately within the search report which usually takes approximately 3-4 days to complete.

How much does a Trade mark search cost?

The fee for us to conduct a thorough search of the UK Trade Marks Register is £96.

What class of trade mark do I need to apply for?

Before applying for a trademark, you’ll need to check which class of trade mark you are looking to register. There are 45 different classes of trade marks and it can be confusing to identify which one is right for you. If you’re not sure which class would be suitable then do not worry, we will set out the relevant class(es) for your goods and services within our search report. Alternatively, if you wish to discuss a classification query with our trade mark agent then please do not hesitate to call our freephone number 0800 069 9090.

What other information do you have on trademark registration and trademark representation?