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The Small Business Awards recognise some of the most innovative and successful companies across a range of sectors, acknowledging the dedication and expertise which are essential for success in the world of business.

We are pleased to announce that National Business Register has been presented with the award for Best Small Business Service Provider for 2 years running in both 2010 and 2011 in the category of Company Formation, in recognition of the high standard of service received by clients.

We have always prided ourselves on giving our customers an unrivalled level of service since we were established back in 1984 and will continue to strive to provide the best possible service for our clients.

We are proud to receive this award and would like to thank our customers old and new for making this possible.

National Business Register Sinks Kitchen Rival


A successful business invests considerable time, money and effort in building a "good name" for itself. No company can afford to ignore the potential damage that may ensue, should another firm adopt an identical or similar trading name, or style, as happened with Avantgarde Interiors, of Esher & Kingston in Surrey - specialist designers and installers of prestigious kitchens.

Avantgarde Interiors have provided kitchens for stars such as Des Lynam and Liverpool and England footballer Emile Heskey, therefore they were disappointed to learn that a rival company Avantgarde Interiors (UK) Ltd had copied their name and were therefore gaining from our clients' respected reputation.

Our client, John Downey founded JB Designs in 1985. This kitchen design company worked with leading appliance manufacturers Miele, Bosch and AEG. After quickly establishing an excellent reputation, the business was renamed Avantgarde Interiors which coincided with the launch of a new showroom in 1998. The opening created a great deal of publicity and this was helped by an appearance at the Ideal Home Exhibition.

In the meantime, another kitchen business was about to be started with investor backing. Just 18 miles away Avantgarde Interiors opened under a different ownership. Luckily Mr. Downey had the foresight to register with National Business Register and a passing off case was made by our legal department. Proceedings commenced and the case went to trial before His Honour Judge Rich QC at the High Court of Justice. He ruled that the defendants company had intentionally passed itself off as Mr. Downey's company to the detriment of Avantgarde Interiors' reputation and goodwill. Therefore the other party had to stop using the term "Avantgarde" completely and repay us the £75,000 spent in fighting the case on Mr. Downeys behalf.

So for an outlay of only £1 per week, the name and more importantly the reputation of this well-established business remained intact. Mr. Downey, pictured with the Managing Director of National Business Register Mr. Kevin Brewer, was overjoyed with the verdict: "I am absolutely delighted with the backup received from The Register and their Solicitors. The level of support was definitely a deciding factor in pursuing this matter to the courts..." he added, " I would strongly recommend to any business that they protect their name by registering with them... "

Landscape Architect Keeps His Name


A Worcestershire landscape architect as regained sole use of his trading name after finding a rival firm had set up under exactly the same name.

Browsing the Internet, Nigel Dobson-Smyth came across another firm of landscape architects with an identical company name, operating from Oxfordshire. He had registered his trading name "The Landscape Consultancy" with National Business Register who undertake to defend a trading name against 'passing off' (copying). By negotiation with the rival firm, Mr Dobson-Smyth will keep his trading name while the Oxfordshire firm will have to change its name. In a gesture of goodwill, the other firm has also transferred its old world wide web domain to him.

Commenting on the success, Mr Dobson_Smyth said: "I have been trading for five years under the name 'The Landscape consultancy' and my clients are based across central England. The Oxfordshire-based company was established only a few months ago and although the name was chosen without knowing it was already in use, it would have caused a lot of confusion amongst both firms clients."

National Business Registers' Intellectual Property Executive, Selina Caan who settled this dispute, explains:-

"New companies call us with their proposed business name and we often have to advise against using it because it is already in use or is so similar that we believe that it would cause offence to an existing business. A Business invests time, money and effort in building a 'good name' for itself. Under civil law, an established business can pursue any firm that passes off another business name or trade mark with their own, whether deliberately or through ignorance. We advise any new company to check carefully before going ahead with designing and printing stationary."

The Oxfordshire firm will now be registering to protect its new trading name to avoid any future problems.

National Business Register operates a unique register of tens of thousands of limited companies, sole traders and partnerships. For a small annual fee, it protects thousands of new trading names each month and successfully defends "passing off" claims on a regular basis. Anyone interested in this service should telephone 0121 678 9000.

Brand new commission for BBC Two: “Keep it in the Family”.


76% of UK industry is made up of family businesses.
Less than a third of these are passed on to the next generation.

BBC Two have just commissioned a brand new series about small family businesses. The series will be produced by programme makers Twofour. It will explore why so few children of business owners want to take over the reigns of the companies founded by their fathers and forefathers.

Family companies provide around 42% of all private sector jobs in the UK. They also provide £73 BILLION in taxes to the exchequer. Clearly the family business sector is of massive importance to the UK economy and more needs to be done to ensure the success of the next generation taking over these businesses.

However, a study just carried out by the BBC found that the next generation often don’t want to take over the business because they feel they won’t be paid fairly, they want to be free of family influence and a fear they’ll lose their identity. When this is the case, businesses are either sold on to a third party or simply shut down at a massive cost to the UK’s economy.

The BBC are keen to speak to business owners all over the UK who run all sort of businesses: From butchers to builders, farmers to printers, corner shops to car dealerships. Their kids will be given another chance to look at the business - Are they sure they don’t want to take over the family firm? If you’re interested in finding out more, just call Naomi on 01752 727 472 or email

BBC Two’s business output includes the hit shows Dragons' Den and The Apprentice

Recognised as one of the top 100 visionary organisations in the UK

visionary organisations

The importance of having a vision that can inspire as well as express quality is clear to any organisation. But what does it mean to be visionary?

Vision needs to be the lifeblood of an organisation, in both its daily workings and strategic direction. The winning formula is likely to combine both leadership and effective organisational structure.

Vision is not an absolute - it relates as much to the context or environment of the organisation as it does to inspiration or endeavour - it is equally needed and valued by global businesses or community service projects, by a government, or an SME.

The Award
In the Vision 100 competition Britain's top private companies and public sector organisations were judged by their ability to adapt within the new-wave economy with creative and innovative approaches. The Vision 100 index provides a record of those organisations, which have shown the most promise so far in rising to this challenge.

National Business Register.
National Business Register is recognised as one of the top 100 visionary organisations in the UK and was awarded it in both 2001 and 2002.

The Judges
Sir Peter L Bonfield, CBE, FREng Chief Executive, British Telecommunications Plc

Neil Bradford
UK Research Managing Director, Forester

Peter Ellwood
CEO Lloyds TSB

Mark Goyder
Director Centre for Tomorrow's Company

Professor Andrew Kakabadse - VBSc MA PhD AAPSW CPsychol FBPS FIAM
Deputy Director, Cranfield School of Management
Professor of International Management Development

Jennifer Mowatt
Country Manager,

Dave Mutton
Head of Business Development,

Andrew Neil
Editor-in-Chief of Sunday Business

Rufus Olins
Editor in Chief and publisher of Management Today

Jeff Randal
Editor of Sunday Business

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