Domain Name - Our Services

The fee covers:

  • The Registration of the Domain Name - All names are fully working and held on duplicate servers to prevent breakdown.
  • Free Searches of the Domain Name - Unlimited free searches to find the right domain name for your business.
  • A Free Web Page - We will create a free web page on the Internet to give your business an immediate presence.
  • No Charges to move your domain name.
  • No Charges to cease your domain name. We will issue an annual renewal notice for you to choose to act upon or cancel without charge.
  • Email Forwarding - this would enable you to advertise your domain name as your email address i.e., which will then be forwarded onto an email address you may already use i.e. .
  • Web Site Forwarding - You can use our forwarding facility so that visitors to actually go to Your original domain will stay in the address bar and your visitors will never know.
  • Full Control - If you want to move your domain to another ISP you can do so with no extra charge (note that if you do this you will not be able to use the e-mail or website forwarding).

All services are set up virtually immediately with no hidden or extra fees.

Our pay quarterly website package includes:

  • Free Website (Free For First 3 Months)
  • 1GB of webspace / hosting
  • 5 mail boxes (400mb each)
  • Web Design
  • Gallery Section (contact us)
  • Contact Us Form
  • Shopping Cart (Not Included) - (Optional Extra charges will apply)
  • View Style List

Apply online, download an application form (pdf format 370KB) or contact us for further details.