Getting Started with your Own Domain Name

The internet is a global network of computer databases called websites carrying business information, news, views, glamour, discussion and social and interactive information accessible at the touch of a button. All you need to connect is a computer, a modem and a telephone line. An Internet Service Provider, (called ISP), will provide you with their software to allow free use of the 'net' or 'web'. Most computers already have this software loaded on them. To set up your own website, (an advert or database) for customers to view your products you firstly need an address for people to reach you, just like a postal address or phone number, for example: our address is

Anyone putting that into their computer can access our website with details of our services. If you have a business or new company, you may wish to register your name on the Internet to prevent anyone else beating you to it.

This registration is called a domain name and is how your site can be accessed by anyone in the world. We will undertake worldwide domain name searches and provide you with a list of names you can choose from and then issue a Certificate of Registration.

Even if you do not plan to have a website for your business at this stage we recommend you register your "domain" name for protection, email facilities and future website requirements.

We will register the best possible choice of name and provide a certificate. If you also want immediate set up of your email facilities and webspace on the Internet please complete this form accordingly.

We host all facilities on two duplicate servers, so your services and websites are totally protected against break down or failure.

Be wary of people that offer "cheap" domain registration as they may charge excessive fees to set up the service or a substantial fee to transfer your domain from their server to someone elses. For example if someone builds you a website your provider will not let you transfer your name until you pay them £x amount.

Apply online, download an application form (pdf format 370KB) or contact us for further details.