Domain Names

The choice of domain name is as important as a choice of business or company name and ideally should be linked to your trading name and activities.

Customers and potential clients can then easily find your services and products. If you have a business name such as National Business Register then a domain name of 'NBR' is not the most descriptive. If you sell cakes from Doncaster then "Doncastercakes" is not bad but you could also buy domains "sticky buns" "weddingcakes" "sweetsandbiccies" and we can point all those names to your one website for extra business.

Names ending with and com. are the best and most used but .org .net are now very popular and easier to obtain. Names and can only be obtained if you purchase a limited company or plc from us. These however are excellent unique titles and some clients form the company, just to get the name then leave the company dormant. A company costs £135 inc. vat so contact us for more assistance.

New levels of domains are being introduced such as .eu and .us so check our site regularly.

You can search the availability of your domain name, view our Domain Name Services or contact us for assistance.

Apply online, download an application form (pdf format 370KB) or contact us for further details.