How to Register your Company Name with National Business Register

1. Choose the Name for Your Business

Company name registration is important to ensure that your proposed name is not unlawful and does not contain certain words and descriptions that are restricted. There are many different words and expressions that are affected in this way. The Register will advise you if your name contains any such restriction and will either obtain permission from the Secretary of State or elsewhere on your behalf or assist you in choosing an alternative name at no extra charge. See details of restricted words, and expressions. Company name registration is made a lot simpler with National Business Register.

2. Complete the Business Name Registration Application Form or Register Online

When you have decided on the legal type of the business and what its name will be, either apply online or download a Business Name Application Form (pdf format - 957KB). Post the completed form to:

National Business Register
Blythe Valley Business Park
Central Boulevard
B90 8AG

Enclosing a cheque (payable to National Business Register) for your membership and registration fee plus the cost of any other services required.

You can do an online search to see if the name you want is available for use before you complete an application form.

3. Registration of Membership with the National Business Register

On receipt of your application, we will check that your name is legal (advising where changes are necessary) and search all business and company names databases (plus Trade Marks if requested). Once we are satisfied that your name can be used and that it does not conflict with an existing name, we will add it to The National Business Register database and prepare your certificate. This confirms the name that we will protect against "passing-off" and, when displayed, it will meet all the display requirements of the Companies Act.

Register a Business

Business name registration is vital when it comes to setting up and maintaining your business. Your business name is one of the most important assets your business can have. From answering the phone, to printing it over your products and marketing, this name will be the main way that people characterise your business. To register your business with us you’ll need to fill in the relevant application form for your business type. You can either apply online or download the PDF form and mail it to: National Business Register, Blythe Valley Business Park, Central Boulevard, Solihull, B90 8AG.

Register your company name with National Business Register