Register Your Business Name Online

Registering a business name online is one of the key steps to setting up a business. With over 10 million UK businesses already out there, registering a business name can prove to be a difficult first step. We know how difficult it can be to choose a business name, so we are here to help you through the process.

National Business Register can make this process simple and we can even show you exactly what business names are already out there. Using our free search facility will give you all the information you need on making that all important decision. After all, your business name is your business!

What to do Once You’ve Found a Business Name

After using our free search facility and once you’ve found the name you want, what’s the next step? It’s vital that you register this business name online. With this, you have two options; either click on the Apply Online button to fill out our online application form or download a printable version.

Once you have registered your business name online, it will be added to our database which will ensure that this doesn’t get taken in the meantime by a competitor. You will also receive your certificate of registration.

It’s important to remember when registering a business name online that it is not deemed unlawful or that it does not contain any restricted words. All the information you need is here on National Business Register and will help guide you through any uncertainties you may have when registering business names.

Benefits of Registering Business Names Through Us

As well as being a simple process to apply for business names, National Business Register has several benefits that will give you and your company confidence in our services.

  • Our search facility is comprehensive enough to keep up to date with the ever-changing business landscape. As well as the 10 million business names out there already, an estimated 25,000 more every month are being added which underlines the importance of a trusted database service.
  • When registering business names with us, it comes with a guarantee that if we accept it during the application, it will meet all the necessary statutory requirements. If the business name you decide on includes a word or expression deemed restricted, we will obtain permission for it using Formal Statutory Permission or recommend to you an alternative.
  • We will protect your business from ‘Passing Off’, the process of which will stop your business name from being copied, and in the event of this, we will pay all litigation costs to protect your business name.
  • We guarantee that no other business will be registered under your business name within your chosen market area once we have added it to our register.
  • We provide information updates in UK and EU legislation when necessary through our newsletter.
  • A certificate of registration that complies with Section 1200-1206 Companies Act 2006 will be sent to you, meaning peace of mind after registering any business names.

What are the Costs when Registering Business Names Online?

Becoming a member of the National Business Register costs an annual membership of £80 (plus VAT) and includes initial name searches, a display certificate, protection against ‘Passing Off’ and obtains formal statutory permission if needed. For other services we provide, please check our services price list for more information.

You still have access to all the free information provided through our website to help support your business going forward once you register a business with us. If you have any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact us via freephone on 0800 069 9090, or send us an email to

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